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Cheeky Babe Screen Saver (digital file only)

Cheeky Babe Screen Saver (digital file only)

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Screen Savers will look like the first image but you can adjust the focal point to what ever you want. Just remember the more you zoom in the blurrier the design will appear. The download is clear quality, the picture on my site is a screenshot so its not as clear. 

-This item is a digital file only. You will NOT receive anything in the mail!

-This is for a phone screen saver only. Please do not print and make your own copies, its a small file size for a reason.

-You can totally use these for other devices, iPads, computer etc, but it will be blurry for large screens. Ive tested it on my iPad and it still looks pretty good, just refrain from zooming in. Thank you <3

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